• Bell, Jeanne
    Bell, Jeanne Art Teacher
  • Bellinghausen, Beth
    Bellinghausen, Beth Principal
  • Bloyer, Larry
    Bloyer, Larry Custodian/Bus Driver
  • Bode, Brian 5th Grade Teacher
  • Brandhorst, Monica
    Brandhorst, Monica 4th Grade Teacher
  • Cockerham, Angie
    Cockerham, Angie Cook
  • Cowlham, Katlyn
    Cowlham, Katlyn Kindergarten Teacher
  • Grace, Mark
    Grace, Mark Bus Driver
  • Gray, Chrissa
    Gray, Chrissa 1st Grade Teacher
  • Grieme, Sherrie
    Grieme, Sherrie 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Hall, Jerijean
    Hall, Jerijean Aide
  • Haynes, Stacy
    Haynes, Stacy Aide
  • Henningson, Angelic
    Henningson, Angelic Associate
  • Henningson, Brent
    Henningson, Brent Custodian
  • Henson, Lindsay
    Henson, Lindsay Aide
  • Kalin, Susan Elementary Guidance
  • Ketcham, Susan
    Ketcham, Susan Preschool
  • Lussman, Angie
    Lussman, Angie Physical Education
  • Mayes, Jennifer
    Mayes, Jennifer Preschool and Title 1
  • McPhail, Adriene
    McPhail, Adriene Aide
  • Miller, Lindsay
    Miller, Lindsay Special Education
  • Miller, Nancy
    Miller, Nancy Aide
  • Nielsen, Summit
    Nielsen, Summit Art Teacher
  • Parkhurst, Robin
    Parkhurst, Robin 1st Grade Teacher
  • Pickhinke, Tracy
    Pickhinke, Tracy Title 1 Reading
  • Pullen, Lynette
    Pullen, Lynette Cook
  • Sackett, Ashley
    Sackett, Ashley Aide
  • Salmon, Kris
    Salmon, Kris Kindergarten Teacher
  • Schnuckel, Amanda
    Schnuckel, Amanda Vocal Music
  • Smith, Anna
    Smith, Anna Aide
  • Stamp, Melissa
    Stamp, Melissa Aide
  • Thevenot, Lauren
    Thevenot, Lauren Aide
  • Thomas, Rachelle
    Thomas, Rachelle Aide
  • Todd, Stacey
    Todd, Stacey Cook
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