GH Foundation Scholarship

This application can be found at the following website: Be sure to download the application and the cover letter (either GH or SC). Reminder: Many other organizations use the GH Foundation Scholarship application. There is a new one this year Harold and Ferne Scherner Memorial Scholarship. Check out the criteria for all the scholarships at the website. Deadline: April 8, 2022

Schaller-Crestland Foundation Scholarship

 Schaller-Crestland students may apply. Deadline April 1, 2022

Available Scholarships is a scholarship website that many colleges will use to offer microscholarships. UNI has been added as a college who is using Check out all of the colleges on the website.

Countdown to College – Be Prepared for College Starting Now!
In April and May of your;
Freshman year, think about your schedule for next year and plan to take classes to challenge yourself, consider job shadowing, volunteering or interning over the summer
Sophomore year, start thinking about your schedule for your junior year, consider job shadowing, volunteering or interning over the summer
Junior year, start thinking about your senior schedule, start planning to take the ACT or SAT if you haven’t already, research scholarships, meet with college reps and plan college visits, compile and review your activities list and start narrowing down your college choices
Senior year, keep grades up, confirm with your colleges of choice they have required information from you, identify scholarships and enjoy the last few weeks of your high school experience!

Please check the High School Announcements for upcoming college rep visits.

RAI Core Course List:

The Iowa Board of Regents Office and the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) continue to partner to provide each Iowa high school with a list of their respective courses that are accepted for the Regent Admission Index (RAI).  Your high school’s RAI Core Course list, created using 2016-2017 Winter Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) data, is now available publicly through the RAI Repository website:

  • Crist, Kyle
    Crist, Kyle Guidance Counselor 


Common Application

Check out this website – We serve students, member institutions, and secondary schools by providing applications that students may submit to any of our nearly 500 members.

Transcript Request

Transcript Requests: To request a High School Transcript from Ridge View, Galva-Holstein, or Schaller-Crestland, please download, complete and submit the Transcript Request Form.

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