• Best, Matthew P.E. | Health
  • Bisenius, Amy
    Bisenius, Amy Language Arts/Social Studies
  • Breyfogle, Kathy
    Breyfogle, Kathy Library Aide
  • Courtright, Jacquelyn English III & IV 
  • Drenth, Clay
    Drenth, Clay AG
  • Graff, Candi
    Graff, Candi School Nurse 
  • Hickman, Dave
    Hickman, Dave Spanish 
  • Hoover, Randa
    Hoover, Randa Cook
  • Kelly, Pam
    Kelly, Pam Athletic Director Secretary
  • Kinney, Justin Physical Education & Health 
  • Kistenmacher, Kris
    Kistenmacher, Kris Vocal Music 
  • Kohn, Angie
    Kohn, Angie Art
  • Madsen, Pete
    Madsen, Pete Custodian
  • McAreavy, Mary
    McAreavy, Mary Aide, Cheerleading Sponsor 
  • Mentzer, Linda
    Mentzer, Linda Library | Media 
  • Michalik, Julius
    Michalik, Julius Science
  • Olson, Amanda
    Olson, Amanda Family Consumer Science
  • Pacza, Katie
    Pacza, Katie Language Arts Teacher
  • Peuse, Amy HS Math 
  • Phelps, Scott Industrial Tech, P.E., CAD 
  • Struck, Keelie
    Struck, Keelie Special Education Teacher
  • Sussman, Joshua High School Principal
  • TeKippe, Jeanne
    TeKippe, Jeanne English, Journalism 
  • Tesch, Katie HS Business | Technology Integrationist
  • Todd, Mary Kay Guidance Counselor 
  • Tokheim, Dale HS Social Studies; Coach 
  • Vazquez, Felicia
    Vazquez, Felicia TAP Instructor
  • Walser, Jim
    Walser, Jim Math
  • Wheeler, Patty
    Wheeler, Patty Environmental Science 
  • Zahner, Vicki
    Zahner, Vicki Cook
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