Galva-Holstein Job Application

Schaller-Crestland Job Application

All teaching jobs – please apply at

  •  Schaller-Crestland Elementary Title 1 Teacher
  • Galva Upper Elementary – Special Education Teacher
  • Special Education Aides (Elementary) (Middle School) (High School)
  • Full Time Food Service Workers (Middle School – Early)
  • Daytime Custodian (Holstein)
  • Daycare Workers (Holstein) (Schaller)
  • Substitute Aides (Galva-Holstein & Schaller-Crestland)
  • Substitute Bus Drivers (Galva-Holstein & Schaller-Crestland)

Activity Positions: 

  • Middle School:
    • Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
  • High School:
    • Prom Sponsor
    • Mock Trial Sponsor
    • Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
    • Assistant Softball Coach
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