• Barnett, Jesse
    Barnett, Jesse Schaller-Crestland Head Cook
  • Cronin, Lisa
    Cronin, Lisa Business Office
  • Fox, Craig
    Fox, Craig Maintenance Director
  • Kai, Janet
    Kai, Janet Transportation
  • Kliegl, Natalie
    Kliegl, Natalie Galva-Holstein Business Manager/Board Secretary
  • Loof, Jim
    Loof, Jim Transportation
  • Modrell, John
    Modrell, John Transportation
  • Nuckolls, Darren
    Nuckolls, Darren Schaller-Crestland - Transportation Director
  • Residorph, Mary
    Residorph, Mary Custodian
  • Thorborg, David
    Thorborg, David Galva-Holstein - Transportation Director
  • Todd, Keisha
    Todd, Keisha Buisness Office
  • Truslen, Shirley
    Truslen, Shirley Galva-Holstein Head Cook
  • Wandrey, Steph
    Wandrey, Steph Schaller-Crestland Business Manager/Board Secretary
  • Wiebers, Jon
    Wiebers, Jon Superintendent
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