• Bailey, Theresa
    Bailey, Theresa Administrative Assistant
  • Bendixen, Krissy
    Bendixen, Krissy Aide
  • Bloyer, Monica
    Bloyer, Monica 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Bode, Brian 5th Grade Teacher
  • Carlberg, Marv
    Carlberg, Marv Bus Driver
  • Clausen, Katie
    Clausen, Katie Nurse
  • Conover, Dan
    Conover, Dan Custodian
  • Faist, Dawn
    Faist, Dawn Aide
  • Grieme, Sherrie
    Grieme, Sherrie 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Grote, Rebecca
    Grote, Rebecca 4th Grade
  • Hall, Jerijean
    Hall, Jerijean Aide
  • Henningson, Angelic
    Henningson, Angelic Associate
  • Hey, Bev
    Hey, Bev Cook
  • Hoover, Randa
    Hoover, Randa Cook
  • Johnson, Katie
    Johnson, Katie Special Education
  • Ketcham, Susan
    Ketcham, Susan Preschool
  • Kreutz, Sarah
    Kreutz, Sarah Preschool/Special Education
  • Lussman, Angie
    Lussman, Angie Physical Education
  • Najera, Veronica
    Najera, Veronica Cook
  • Nuckolls, Darren
    Nuckolls, Darren Transportation Director
  • Parkhurst, Robin
    Parkhurst, Robin 1st Grade Teacher
  • Pickhinke, Tracy
    Pickhinke, Tracy Title 1 Reading
  • Regenitter, Holly
    Regenitter, Holly Aide
  • Salmon, Kris
    Salmon, Kris Kindergarten Teacher
  • Schnuckel, Amanda
    Schnuckel, Amanda Vocal Music
  • Stamp, Melissa
    Stamp, Melissa Aide
  • Walker, Whisper
    Walker, Whisper Aide
  • Williamson, Brenda
    Williamson, Brenda 4th Grade Teacher
  • Wunschel, Lynn Title 1/Instructional Coach
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